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Carol has been my life coach for several years now. As we continue to work together, I’m amazed by the way she gets me out of my head and focused on the things that matter most. She helped me to purge the dirty word ‘should’ from my regular vocabulary.  As a perfectionist seeking excellence in a highly technical world (full of amazing and intelligent people) and as a CEO, I am constantly striving to be the best – for myself, my business, and my community. It’s hard not to look at other leaders in the field and compare one’s self to others. Be proud of who you are. Know that you are enough. In short, the only thing you ‘should’ do is ‘be your self!’

- Mathew Heggem, CEO, SUM Innovations

Engaging Carol as my Life Coach could not have come at a better time, while simultaneously arriving at my 60th birthday, returning to school, and launching a new career path later in life. Her gentle encouragement, firm direction, and enthusiasm for my success have helped me set my personal and professional sights higher, and continue to propel me joyfully forward. She is an unique amalgam of common sense, clarity, and God's love in action.

- Becca B., Interfaith Minister 

When I started our coaching sessions, I was looking for a light switch to get my motivation and creativity flowing.  What Carol helped me see was the areas in my life where I was already moving forward.  This simple realization, combined with guided self-inquiry and Carol's powerful insight, has helped me transform what was already "true" in my life into dozens of personal, professional, relationship, and spiritual victories.  

- Jim W., Arts and Educational Public Relations

Coaching has taught me a new, more positive vocabulary. It continues to teach me that the "story" isn't what's important—to not waste time on telling and re-telling the painful/hurtful story. Being aware of the self-punishment and restrictions I've put on myself through words and thoughts has help me stop the cycle.

It is a rare person who can coach and be real at the same time.  It is easy to be honest with Carol and her questions truly challenge me.

- Ole E., National Tour Merchandise Manager




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