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Carol has been striding down the path of leadership her entire life.  

With a career spanning 25 years of management, training, and human development in the arts, non-profits, retail and ministry, Carol is working with clients around the world to grow leaders to own their power, passion and style. 

Carol is unconventional with a wicked smile, quirky wit and the keenest BS detector around.  Carol is direct and engaging.  She takes risks while being light; she cares while pushing hard, all with a grace, warmth and deftness that eases the way.  Carol has a grounded presence that creates safety and trust for everyone around her.  Her deepest joy is to witness her clients embody the power and passion that they are.  

Her secret superhero powers are slaying self-bullies and walking her clients through fear.

Memberships, credentials, fancy framed pieces of paper:

Co-Active Leadership Program, 200-hours, Co-Active Training Institute

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Co-Active Training Institute

Member, International Coach Federation

Certified Women-owned Business Enterprise, NYC Small Business Services

Mindful Self-Compassion Core Skills Workshop, Christopher Germer & Krisitin Neff

Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, Santa Clara University





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